Top All-in-one Calendar Management and Event Registration Solution

Publish, promote and track your events more affordably and effectively—all in one place.

Customize your calendar

Publish a branded, design-quality main calendar and sub-calendars (for as many departments as you need), using Trumba's easy-to-use platform.

Simplify event management

Implementing Trumba allows you to spend less effort on mundane and time-consuming tasks—and often eliminates your need for multiple platforms!

Communicate with and track attendees

Your audience can sign up for paid/free events with customized forms and receive automated confirmation and opt-in reminders via email and/or text.

One platform for all departments

Yet not one size fits all. In addition to your main calendar, create and share/assign ownership of as many sub-calendars as you need, customized for each department. Trumba is a great fit for—

  • Universities with multiple campuses

  • Museum, Library and Association networks

  • Hospital and Healthcare Center locations

  • City and County departments

  • School districts

  • Corporations with multi-national offices

Why do our clients prefer Trumba?

Their event registration feature has been extremely useful...We can gauge interest in an event, set capacity and waitlist, email registrants and set custom confirmation and reminder emails. Trumba features save time and money!

Jennifer G.

Assistant Director. Information Technology

Trumba makes life easier since we can give ownership/accountability to each department’s calendar. They don’t have to bug IT or the webmaster every time they have a new event.

Andrew Akinola

Director, Technology and Enterprise Business Solutions

I can't say enough good things about Trumba! Trumba has helped our large organization be more efficient managing classes and events. They helped us tremendously during the pandemic when a quick solution was needed.

Shelly H.

Digital Services

Fulfill your "do more with less" requests.

We love when clients tell us they get better results from events and classes while using less resources. Trumba answers their need for—

  • More brand-flexible and scalable solution

  • More advanced calendar and event management tools

  • More responsive and dedicated support staff

  • Less costly implementation

  • Less interdepartmental frustration

  • Less effort spent on mundane time-consuming tasks

Find out how Trumba allows you to achieve more with less!

Organizations Worldwide Rely on Trumba—The Calendar Experts

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