Trumba offers new, creative solutions to the old problem of effectively presenting event information online. Hear from our customers how they've put those solutions to work.

We particularly like the way Trumba makes it easy to share calendars and event information with a simple interface. Our departmental staff and event planning staff are very happy with our event calendars. We launched our new university-wide Trumba calendar system over a summer, and already had five times more departments using our main event calendars than before, and fall semester had not even started yet.

University of Washington - Gregory Koester

Information Technology Manager

Trumba’s RSS feeds, email and text message reminders, and other event actions are a great example of leveraging every way there is to communicate with the public and increase engagement with our library and events. We really like how Trumba’s custom fields make it easy to customize our event information. We also appreciate how easy it is to structure and submit event data and republish it elsewhere…in addition to displaying various calendars on our web site.

San Antonio Public Library - Adam Spana

Digital Services Librarian

The City of Seattle uses Trumba’s Custom Objects to enhance our calendar with additional venue information (parking, photos, maps and contact info). This saves us and our users time, as we only need to enter venue data once. The customized views of Custom Objects add even more value — users can see all events associated with any Custom Object item. For example, users looking for all events at a particular facility. We also use Custom Objects to publish our city department and facility lists. The ability to customize the views gives our users lots of control. This is extremely helpful.

City of Seattle - Steve Ripley

Citywide Web Team

"Akron Children’s is the ninth largest independent pediatric hospital system in the country. But we were using a homegrown system for events. It was functional but cumbersome and not intuitive. Now with Trumba, it just literally takes seconds to go through calendar invites and approve them. There’s so much more functionality, like the ability to integrate with other systems. The workflow's so much faster. It's like Trumba thought of everything you'd want to do in a calendar."

Akron Children's Hospital - Jim Arnold

Digital Media Manager

"We are LOVING the new calendar! It’s everything we hoped for. The many helpful features truly enhance the student, faculty and staff experience and make it easy for them to remember upcoming events. The easy-to-use software is a significant time-saver for my team and has streamlined our workflow. Thank you for helping us increase visibility of events at Cecil College while increasing Marketing’s efficiency."

Cecil College - Amy Henderson

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications

Trumba is a powerful tool that has helped us stay organized since 2006. It's incredibly flexible and easy to use. They provide fast and knowledgeable help whenever I have questions. In fact, we’ve had the same great support from our Client Services Manager Steve since 2007!

City of Ogden - Brandi Bosworth

Public Relations Coordinator

"Last year, the university logged more than 1,500 room bookings. Before Trumba, I set up the room reservation process using Gmail, Lotus Notes, and Domino scripts. That complex, outdated system left us in a pickle. Thank goodness we found Trumba."

Vincennes University - Charlene Meeks

Applications/Operations Analyst

Historically, we would create our calendar and publish it as a PDF...parents were very vocal about the lack of a reliable school calendar. We saw how many schools from the pre-K to the university level are using the tool. We quickly realized that Trumba was going to be a good solution for us. Trumba really understands the nonprofit educational space.

Pine Crest School - Christine Dardet

Vice President, Marketing Communications

We love our Trumba calendar, and I especially appreciate the fantastic support we always receive from Steve!

Touro College of Dental Medicine - Steven Zelig

Executive Administrator

I can't say enough good things about Trumba! Trumba has helped our large organization be more efficient managing classes and events. They helped us tremendously during the pandemic when a quick solution was needed.

Huntsville Hospital - Shelly H.

Digital Services

Trumba streamlines everything. It’s much easier to use than our old methods. It’s just wonderful. I believe in Trumba a hundred percent, and I’ve already recommended it to six different universities.

VIncennes University - Laura Carie

Director, University Events and Special Projects

Trumba makes life easier since we can give ownership/accountability to each department’s calendar. They don’t have to bug IT or the webmaster every time they have a new event.

Montgomery County - Andrew Akinola

Director, Technology and Enterprise Business Solutions

Highly recommend! Trumba is a great product, easy to use, easy to implement and maintain. Glad to see this calendar still running strong after all these years - since 2008.

University of Tampa - Joy Youngman

Director, Information Technology and Security

Trumba allows us to easily collect event information into one source that visitors and local citizens can access. Through cross promotion of events and strengthened communication between our partners, we're able to bring the community together and raise greater awareness and attendance.

Weber Convention Bureau / City of Ogden Utah - Shelleice Stokes

Chief Executive Officer

Their event registration feature has been extremely useful...We can gauge interest in an event, set capacity and waitlist, email registrants and set custom confirmation and reminder emails. Trumba features save time and money!

Colorado State University - Jennifer G.

Assistant Director. Information Technology

"Because of the flexibility of the platform, and the ease of making revisions and additions as needed, the time savings allows me to focus on actually putting more content on the website."

Akron Children's Hospital - Cyndi Ott

Content Manager

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